Large Installation Administration

This page houses all the information of the LIA subject.

Documents and files

  1. Paper: DHCP and BOOTP
  2. Presentation: Virtual Laboratory for e-Science
  3. Paper: Backup and VPN in organizations
  4. Paper: SAGE Code of Ethics / Incident Management
  5. Presentation: Enterprises
  6. Essay: Een kijkje in de keuken van het UvA IC (Dutch)

Configure a monitoring tool, Monday February 28th

In this practise i configured a monitoring tool called BigSister. BigSister is an open source program (GNU license) of BigBrother, a commercial monitoring tool.

BigSister comes with several daemons and a webinterface. You can view the web-interface here if my Gentoo system is up. To be able to monitor specific items, the uxmon-net configuration file needs to be edited. If the configurationfile has changed, the deamon has to be restarted which makes the system quite static. There is no database backend available at the moment so dynamically adding items is not done. BigSister runs in a 5 minute interval, this can be changed to any interval you like. When a monitoring item does not respond, the daemon responses using the rules which are specified in the notify.cfg. Administrators can be notified by email and pagers.

The webinterface offers a nice but simple tactical overview. BigSister is quite a simple monitoring tool comparing it to for example Nagios, though it offers nice monitoring capabilities.

Configure a directory service, Friday, February 14,

I configured my Gentoo system with openLDAP. As the name already says, this is an opensource version of the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). LDAP is a set of protocols for accessing information directories. I followed the quickstart guide at the openLDAP website. After the installation i added some testdata to the LDAP system using ‘ldapadd’ and tested it sucessfully.

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