Sophos UTM Firewall Zabbix monitoring template

I recently build my own Sophos UTM firewall based on the home license and wanted to get it under Zabbix monitoring. I’ve been using Zabbix for at least 8 years now and i recommend  it as a (enterprise grade) monitoring system.

For the record, i’m running Zabbix 2.4.6 at home on two Raspberry PI Model B systems. One running the Zabbix Server and the second one is running as a MySQL database server. It performs quite well.

-> Download the latest version of the template at the bottem of this page <-

Zabbix Template

The current version of the Sophos UTM template is quite straight forward and is based on the knowledgebase article 119371 in which usefull SNMP OID’s can be found.  Currently the template consists of:

  • 2 Applications (Network, 37 items & System 13 items)
  • 50 monitoring items, based on two network interfaces (this can be easily expanded if you own a system with more then one interface)
  • 11 Graphs
  • 0 triggers (working on this)

Import Zabbix template

Import the template into Zabbix:

Configuration -> Templates -> Import (upper right corner)

Apply Sophos template to your sophos host

Link the template to your Sophos Host:

Configuration -> Hosts -> your Sophos hosts  -> Templates -> search and link the template.


When you start monitoring your Sophos UTM firewall you need to define a SNMP community string. This community string is used by Zabbix when it starts talking to your Sophos UTM applicance. I’ve used a Zabbix Macro for fill the Zabbix template with the correct community string. The macro that can be used for the specific Sophos appliance you would like to use:


This macro must be added to your monitored Sophos host:

Configuration -> Hosts -> your Sophos host -> Macros

Add your community string and value as requested.






[29-12-15] Template_Sophos_UTM v1.0

Feel free to ask my any question regarding the template or if you want me to add a specific OID to the template.

This Template can also be found on or